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FORM is an international alliance of higher education institutions, research libraries, and other research communities based within the Arab region. We are comprised of a diverse array of stakeholder groups involved in the academic research and scholarly communications ecosystems, including local research institutions based in the Arab States and global non-profit organisations working to support Open Science.

Becoming a member of FORM means becoming part of an international community of Arab researchers and research institutions, championing the advancement of Open Science policies and practices in your institution, and working in a shared direction for positive change and more sustainable and inclusive educational models.

Signing the Membership Agreement has no legally binding effect. However, it represents a public commitment to contribute actively and constructively to the advancement of Open Science in the tertiary education sector and research communities of the Arab world.

In particular, it signals an undertaking to:

  • Recognise the diverse outputs, practices and activities that maximise the quality and impact of research, and where appropriate incorporate these diverse outputs into their assessment criteria.
  • Support the development and implementation of Open Science policies and practices at their institution/organisation.
  • Work to enhance the discoverability and visibility of Arab language research.
  • Participate in collaborative community development activities and contribute to the growth of an Arab community of best practice in Open Science.

Any research institution or research community based within the Arab region that wishes to support our mission and become a signatory of our principles can become a member. Non-profit organisations and non-profit solutions-providers working to support Open Science policies and practices can also become members.

Our membership is institutional, and it is also free.

Members have the right to nominate a representative to join and vote at the Members Council, and this representative can also stand for election to the Executive Committee and the FORM Board, and participate in the various working groups and other initiatives. Members can also attend and present at the Annual Forum. (For more details on the rights and responsibilities of Members, see our Governance documentation).


Standard Membership is for Research Institutions and Research Communities within the Arab States. Membership is institutional, with a designated senior staff member acting as the institution’s representative and contact, or in their absence, their designated nominee.


Strategic Partner Membership is for not-for-profit organisations working to advance Open Science in its various forms. Strategic Partner members can be based within the Arab States or elsewhere. Membership is at the organisation-level, with a designated senior staff member acting as the organisation’s representative and contact, or in their absence, their designated nominee.

Join us, and together we will work towards a more open and knowledgeable world.

To apply for membership, get in touch at