The production and promotion of open research is becoming increasingly important; it is not only a primary concern for all areas of the academic ecosystem, but also impacts the commercial and industrial sectors, and is crucial to the development of successful knowledge economies across the world.

And the Arab region – with our rapidly developing and increasingly advanced higher education sector, and numerous well-funded research networks – has the capacity to lead this transition, to be at the forefront of this global shift in the way research ecosystems operate.

However, there is also a clear need for helpful guidelines and workshops offering tailored support for research libraries and research institutions just starting out on their journey towards openness.

Our aim is to provide a library of educational resources in Arabic and English, relating to the development and implementation of Open Science policies and practices in higher education institutions and research communities. Our goal is to empower libraries, higher education institutions, research councils and policy makers to collaborate on activities, projects and resources that promote engagement with, and the generation of, open research – enabling them to better serve the needs of local research communities.

Open Science Arabic-English Glossary

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