About us

The Forum for Open Research in MENA (FORM) is a non-profit membership organisation supporting the advancement of open science policies and practices in research communities and institutions across the Arab world.
F.O.R.M. is an independent project of the Knowledge E Foundation. [Page on Foundation / link to Foundation website once have standalone]. The Foundation is a community interest company which aims to improve the accessibility, availability, and inclusivity of education for everyone, everywhere. Their activities include building schools, funding fellowships, and supporting open science initiatives.

Our Vision

Unlocking research for and in the Arab Region and working towards a more ‘open’ world.

Our Mission

To support the advancement of open science practices in libraries and universities across the Arab region by facilitating the exchange of actionable insights and the development of practical policies.

Our Goals

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The advancement of Open Science ecosystems in HEIs and RLs across Arab world.
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Accessible and localised resources relating to the implementation of Open Science policies and practises.

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Collaborative community partnerships and cooperation between members and partners of FORM.

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The development of RTL functionality in key open source and open science technological solutions

Our Members

Our membership is comprised of all stakeholder groups involved with research at the institutional level in the Arab world, including:

  • Funding groups and government ministries

  • Libraries and universities
  • Non-profit solutions providers
  • Research communities

Our Activities

We have three core pillars of activity

Creating accessible and localised resources for our members and the wider research community, designed to facilitate the implementation of Open Science policies and practices.

Arranging Community Development Activities (CDAs) throughout the year, including workshops and webinars providing practical insights and guidance on key aspects of Open Science for higher education stakeholders, and working groups to address key projects and strategic problems.

Organising the Annual Forum (held in a different Arab country each year), which provides a forum for librarians, researchers, government policy makers, universities and international experts to discuss and debate key themes and issues relating to the advancement of Open Research across the Arab world.