Driving Integrity and Trust in Research: An Introduction to Open Peer Review

Start date: 12/09/2023
Location: Online

Peer review is an integral part of the dissemination of sound and trusted research. It is present across the entire research journey, from reviewing grant applications to peer reviewing scholarly research for publication. However, it is still mostly conducted anonymously with only a few select figures being privy to the identity and views. With the move towards more open and transparent practices across the research system, numerous publishers have adopted more open elements in the peer review process. This can vary from publisher to publisher but may mean the review reports are available for all to read, or the identities of the reviewers are open, or both – but all share the aspiration to bring increased accountability and trust to the peer review process. 

This one-hour webinar will provide an introduction to open peer review, showcase the variety of ways open peer review is conducted, and discuss some of the challenges, value and opportunities open peer review can bring to authors, reviewers, and the research ecosystem as a whole. 

Participants will take away: 

• A broad understanding of what open peer review is and the challenges it addresses 

• Examples of how it’s being used in academic publishing today 

• Things to consider for both authors and reviewers before participating in open peer review 

• A sense of the opportunities and value open peer review can bring The event is designed for researchers, peer reviewers, research managers and administrators, policy makers, librarians, open science advocates, and all stakeholders of the scholarly publishing system across the Arab World.

 Timezones: 12pm GST/ 8am UTC

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