Investigating Open Science: An Introductory Guide for Researchers and Academics

Start date: 23/05/2024
Location: Online

استكشاف العلوم المفتوحة: دليل أولي للباحثين والأكاديميين


This scientific workshop, in cooperation with the Open Science Community Egypt (OSCE), the Open Science Community Saudi Arabia (OSCSA), and the African Reproducibility Network (AREN), aims to expand the horizons of researchers and academics regarding the concept of open science and its practices, and how to integrate them into their research paths and scientific studies. The workshop will address the following topics:

  • Primary analysis of the motivations underlying the open science movement, and clarification of its multiple benefits for the scientific and research community.
  • Exploring the utilization of open resources and open peer reviews in scientific research, and shedding light on how they improve research and study quality.
  • Highlighting the significance of ensuring scientific research remains accessible throughout the entire research process, from initial planning to the dissemination of final findings.
  • Offering strategies for joining and engaging with open science communities and specialised scientific societies, as well as exploring the opportunities they offer
  • Examining alternative opportunities for researchers and academics to enhance their academic journeys, including utilising digital platforms and establishing scientific blogs.
  • The workshop will provide valuable and practical information on the application and adoption of open science practices, as well as on maximising their benefits for enhancing scientific research and fostering academic communication.



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