Welcome to Our Newest Member – The Libyan Authority for Scientific Research

Our mission is to support the advancement of Open Science policies and practises in research communities across the whole Arab region. We are therefore particularly excited to welcome the Libyan Authority for Scientific Research (LASR) as the newest member of the Forum for Open Research in MENA.

LASR is the government agency responsible for promoting and supporting scientific research in Libya. The organisation’s activities include funding scientific research projects in a variety of fields, supporting the development of scientific infrastructures, promoting scientific cooperation between Libyan and international researchers, and disseminating scientific research findings to the public.

“Joining the FORM of Open Research is a significant step forward for open research in Libya. This will help to increase the visibility and impact of Libyan research and will make it easier for Libyan researchers to access and collaborate with international researchers. The Libyan Authority for Scientific Research (LASR) is committed to promoting and supporting scientific research in Libya. By joining the FORM of open research MENA, the LASR is taking a significant step forward in making Libyan research more visible and accessible to the world. This would benefit the Libyan research community by increasing the impact of their work and making it easier for them to collaborate with MENA & international researchers.”

We very much look forward to collaborating with LASR and our other members in the coming months and years.

If you would like your organisation to become a Member of FORM, more information is available here.

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