Metadata Makes Open Research Better

Open research highly relies on the availability of secondary data as an important alternative to primary data; and the integrity and quality of published works. While there are continued efforts to address these, they remain a concern for the scholarly community. 


In partnership with Crossref, Metadata Makes Open Research Better explored how comprehensive metadata and relationships between research entities support research integrity, reproducibility, reporting, and discoverability. This ensured that the importance of relationships between different research objects was emphasized, as they establish provenance over time and add value to scholarly work; moreover, relationships in metadata records offer deeper connections beyond traditional references, enhancing the visibility and significance of research outputs. 

During this 90-minute seminar, we introduce the participants to the Research Nexus, data citation and The PLACE, as models and resources to support open research in MENA.

What will you learn?

  • The Research Nexus envisions a rich and reusable open network of relationships connecting research organisations, people, things, and actions; a scholarly record that the global community can build on forever, for the benefit of society.
  • How do we support linking to related research data in our metadata through data citation?
  • How can open metadata and open-source systems be protected for future generations? We will introduce the Principles of Open Scholarly Infrastructure (POSI) and discuss models for governance, sustainability, and transparency. 
  • Discover The Publishers Learning and Community Exchange (PLACE) which serves as an online forum for organizations seeking to adopt best practices in scholarly publishing; it acts as a consolidated resource, providing information and support to newer publishers; and facilitates open exchange and discussions among publishers and experts, contributing to the enhancement of scholarly record integrity.