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Normalising Pre-prints: The MENA Dialogue

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The Rise of the Predators: How to Identify & Avoid Predatory Publishers and Conferences

Advancing Open Access In Scholarly Publishing: Increasing DOAJ’s Coverage in Northern Africa

Advancing Open Access to Scholarly Publishing Journals: increasing DOAJ's Coverage in Northern African Countries


Rights Retention for Researchers: The cOAlition S Strategy

ORCID Website

Data Everywhere: Improving Transparency & Trust in the Research Community Using PIDs

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Open Access on a Global Scale: Extending the Public Right to Know


Driving Integrity & Trust in Research: An Introduction to Open Peer Review


Metadata Makes Open Research Better


Decolonising Open Science Symposium: Dismantling Global Hierarchies of Knowledge


Peer Review 101: How to Provide Unbiased, Clear, and Constructive Feedback to Research Manuscripts


The Adoption of Persistent Identifier (PIDs) in MENA: Challenges and Opportunities